Valuations for current market values are free if you email simple photographs to

Just one photograph per item and perhaps 10 would be a reasonably maximum.  They do need to be in focus!

Where you wish to have a property cleared then we will visit you for free to discuss values and our terms.  There are provisos to this and having interviewed you over the ‘phone first of all we might decline to visit if we consider it uneconomic.

Ring us on 01895 621991   Or   Email

We value ALL ITEMS – from the humble to the important, including historic items, such as a diamond riviere necklace and earrings we valued for London solicitors on behalf of a landed estate that also included the Coronation crown of King John.

Bainbridges have consultant specialists to cover most subjects and we travel anywhere including Europe whilst most of our work takes place in Greater London and Middlesex.

With the aid of our consultants we can value at all levels and cover all specialities.

Bainbridges specialise in PROBATE VALUATIONS.

These are necessary when dealing with a deceased estate. Please click Here to read more.



Valuations for  INSURANCE and FAMILY DIVISION should be directed to our consultant valuer, Luan Grocholski.  Please phone him direct on 0207 226 8806

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