26 SEPTEMBER 2019 Sale Information

Dear Friends,

Here we are again, ten summer weeks have flown.

Let’s start with the good news.  You can’t move in here for stuff.  Do you want a 12 foot long hardwood dining table, possibly Indian with a central panel of cut brass work all under a one piece glass top?  It needs 4 men to move it.  Or a fabulous large Haddon rocking horse with horsehair mane – a present for Christmas?  Endless tables, chairs, cabinets, settees, about eight unused beds, garden furniture, shabby chic painted furniture, a pretty 4-poster bed and mirrors galore – big glitzy mirrors. Some antiques are still wanted and you’ll lust after what W R Harvey sold to our client for £4500.  A Regency rosewood wine table with cross-banded top on a simulated stem on triform base and brass paw feet.

100 lots of PICTURES start the sale to include works by or attributed to Henry Cooper, R.F. Adam, John Syer, Thomas William Morley, Edward Hastings, Proferio Grossi, Louis Edgar, C. Buchnel, J.G. Atkinson, James A. Kirby,  R. de la Corbiere, I. Raphael Smith, G.W. Allan, Richard Earlom, Willem Heijkoop, Willie Rushton,  etc.

JEWELLERY follows and then COLLECTABLES with lots of postcards, stamps and costume jewellery.  We also have an extensive collection of very early axe and arrow heads, scrapers and choppers from as early as 300,000 BC, some from Longham Pit and Wheeler’s Lane Pit in Dorset.  Artefacts too from pre-Roman times including keys, brooches, tweezers, a nail, and good early Bronze Age pottery from Palestine circa 3,000 BC.  This was once the collection of James Wilson, an ex-lighting engineer who worked a lot with Hitchcock. We also have his diary of a trip he made to Africa in the first half of the 20th century.

I reckon we will have over 80 lots of silver and plate – still to be catalogued.

HORSES.  From a closed stable yard we have more tack than a Hollywood cowboy set.  And if it’s a dressage saddle you are looking for, then we have one of the best, by JRD  and it’s in great condition, also a large collection of bridles, girths, headcollars, bits, rugs and leg protectors, a 4 ft diameter stable fan, water buckets, hose pipes, stable yard tools – you name it and it’s here.

COSTUME includes some good vintage ladies’ clothing from 1950s onwards, including some stylish hats, good FURS including a platinum mink coat and a similar wrap, a Burberry’s faux fur coat, and vintage and modern handbags including Coach.

And the SHELVES.  They are full as ever with good early hi-fi (we also have the very best radiogramme, or stereo ensemble as it was called, the Mozart by PYE with 10 watts per channel!),  great ceramics and many table lights, mostly very stylish and with shades.  There are two good old ceiling lights in the Lalique style, one with matching wall lights.

Some great CLOCKS, one an early giant carriage clock.  A Georgian microscope in its original mahogany conical box.  Good old bronzes.  We have a fabulous gilt metal miniature coach with the lid, seats and door panels intricately enamelled with figures.  It’s really fine.  Moorcroft, Chinese ceramics, a 7-piece Carlton Ware golly band, 14 cm, and so much more.

BOOKS fill every available space and mainly have come from an impressive private library in Ealing.  We have small lots with £200-£300 estimates whilst we also have very large lots of good literature in English and in French.  Rackham features.


This sale IS ON THURSDAY THE 26TH SEPTEMBER STARTING AT 11AM  Charlie Ross will be helping.

More good news is that Sophie and William promise me another grandchild this Thursday all being well!

The bad news …  we lost another old porter to cancer.  Stephen, who worked with us at The Great Barn and here in West Ruislip has died aged 80.  He was a good man.  He was also my big brother.

See you all on the 26th. The viewing is on the 25th 1-7pm