What we sell

A Selection Of Common Examples

Adding machines, Aladdin lamps, Alpine crafts, ambrotypes, ammeters, animal skins, antiquities, antlers, Apache art, aquamarines, armour, arrowheads, artificial eyes, artworks, aspidistra pots, Asterix books, aviation ephemera, Avon bottles and pots, axes, Aynsley,

Bakelite, barometers, bats and balls, bayonets, beads, bed frames, bed linen, bells, bergeres, Beswick, bicycles, billets-doux, billiard tables, Bloor Derby, blunderbuses, bonheurs du jour, books, bottles, boxing ephemera, brass, bureaus, butterflies, buttons,

Cameos, cameras, candelabra, Canterburies, caps, capes, Capo di Monte, cards, Carlton ware, carpets, carriage clocks, cars, Caughley, cellos, ceramics, chairs, chaises longues, chalices, chandeliers, Chelsea porcelain, chenille, cheroot holders, chess pieces, Chesterfield sofas, chiffoniers, Christmas decorations, Churchilliana, cigarette boxes, cigarette cards, cigarette holders, cigarette lighters, Clarice Cliff, clocks, clogs, cloisonne, clothes, collectables, coins, comics, compacts, compasses, composition figures, concertinas, conjuring ephemera, copper ware, coral, counterpanes, counters, cradles, cranberry glass, credenzas, cricket ephemera, crocodile bags, crowns, crystal, cufflinks, curtains,

Daguerrotypes, damask, decoy ducks, Denby, Derby, Derringers, designer clothes, desks, diamonds, diaries, dining tables, dinner services, dog grates, door furniture, doubloons, Doulton, drawings, drink,

Earthenware, easels, Egyptology, elephant ornaments, embroideries, emeralds, enamel, encyclopaedias, engravings, ermine, erotic art and literature, escritoires, ethnic art,

Fabulous jewels, faience, false limbs (old), false teeth with gold fillings, fans, feather boas, fine china, flagons, florins, flowers, flutes, flying logs, fountain pens, frames, fur coats, furniture,

Garden furniture, garden ornaments, gas masks, gilt-metal, glass, golliwog badges, grandfather clocks, grand pianos, guns (deactivated),

Harps, hat boxes, hatpins, hats,

Icons, illustrations, Imari, indentures, inkwells, inro,

Japanese art, porcelain and metal wares, jewellery, jelly moulds, Jensen silver, jigsaws in wood, jukeboxes,

Kakiemon, kelims, kukris,

Lace, lacquer work, Lalique, lancet clocks, landscapes, lapel badges, lasts, lathes, lead toys, linen, Lladro, lorgnettes, lustre ware, lutes,

Magic books, magic tricks, mahjong sets, mahogany furniture, manuscripts, marble clocks, marionettes, maritime items, medals, medical items, melodeon, memorabilia, microscopes, military items, millinery items, mineral samples, Ming, Minton, model boats, model cars, model machinery, model planes, model steam engines, model trains, modern art, mohurs, Mouseman furniture,

Napkin rings, Napoleonic artefacts, narwhal horns, naval artefacts, necklaces, netsuke, niblicks, nick-nacks, niello, Noritake, novels, nudes, nurse’s uniforms, nylons,

Oars, objets d’art, occult items, opium pipes, ostrich feathers, ottomans,

Paintings, parasols, pedal cars, Pembroke tables, perfume bottles, periscopes, petticoats, photographs, pianos, picnic sets, pictures, pier machines and games, pipes, Poole pottery, porcelain,

Quaiches, quill pens, Quimper pottery,

Radios, railwayana, rarities, rattan, recorders, reel-to-reel tape recorders, Rolls razors, rubies,

Sabbath candlesticks, sable brushes, salon chairs, samplers, sapphires, saxophones, scarab jewellery, scent bottles, scissors, Scotch whisky, scrimshaws, scripts, sculptures, sewing paraphernalia, shagreen, silk scarves, silver, silver plate, slate clocks, sleigh beds, snakeskin shoes and bags, snooker tables, sovereigns, spectacles, Spode, Stevengraphs, stools, string boxes, suffragette ephemera, surgical equipment, swagger sticks, swastikas, swords,

Tandems, tankards, tantaluses, taxidermy, tea sets, teething rings, telephones, telescopes, textiles, theodolites, thimbles, Tibetan art, Tiffany, timepieces, tomahawks, topaz, torcheres, toys, tribal art, trunks, typewriters,

Ukuleles, umbrellas, uniforms, urns,

Valentines, vanity cases, vases, vaudeville ephemera, Venetian glass, vintage cars, vintage clothing, violas, violins,

Wade, walking sticks, war memorabilia, wax dolls, wedding dresses, Wellington chests, Welsh dressers, Wemyss, whisky, Whitefriars glass, wickerwork, wind instruments, Windsor chairs, wind-up gramophones, wind-up toys, wines, wirelesses, World War I and II ephemera, wristwatches, writing slopes,

Xylophones, Yellow Submarine, Zolnay ware…