The Mrs Otto Harriman Collection

This auction took place in May 2012 – the sale results are displayed at the end of the catalogue.

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Mrs Gertrude Harriman (1903–1970) lived originally in Jablonec nad Nisou (Gablonz an der Neisse), a small town in Austro-Hungarian Bohemia, now the Czech Republic, an important centre for the glass and artificial jewellery business, in which she worked with her husband Otto (1900–1950),
born Otto Herrmann in Germany, near to the Czech border.

They moved to London before the war, settling in Wills Grove, Mill Hill.   In 1945 they leased a wing of Suffolk House in Co. Antrim, where the factory for their business, Ulster Pearls Ltd, was established to manufacture artificial pearls. The factory, which employed 160 workers in 1957, enjoyed the distinction of making the pearls used on the Queen’s wedding dress.

The Harrimans lived in London, where they had a wholesale jewellery business, Pompadour Products Ltd, which was started before the war,
but they made frequent visits to the factory in Ireland.

Otto and Gertrude Harriman developed an extensive knowledge and love of Chinese art, acquiring over time a distinctive collection, part of which was declared as being of national importance on her death, when it was loaned initially to the Bristol City Museum and from c.1989 until this year to the Nottingham Castle Museum.

It is the majority of these pieces that is now being offered for sale by the family.

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