Buyer’s Costs

Buyers pay a premium of 27% of the hammer price + VAT.  The minimum fee is £5 + VAT per lot.  VAT is on the premium not the hammer price.  A £100 lot will cost £132.40, a £20 lot will cost £26.48.

Buyers need to be aware that items not collected by a stipulated time will attract a storage fee for every day the lot remains with us.  See Conditions of Sale.

*It is worth mentioning that Bainbridges do not pack or post any lot no matter how small.  Neither can they weigh lots.

*It is further worth mentioning that in all salerooms the responsibility for the security/insurance of a lot passes to the buyer on the fall of the hammer.

What vendors pay at Bainbridges 

Selling  %   =   20% (24% incl. vat)

Subject to minimum and unsold charges of £8 per lot for small/shelf/wall lots

£11 for single furniture lots and carpets

£20 for cumulative furniture lots, pianos, large book lots, vehicles

These are minimum charges NOT additional charges

Our fees include all promotions and photographs.  There are no lot charges

Bainbridges DO NOT insure anything in the saleroom unless you tick the option on the client contract.  The cost is 1.5% of the hammer price, or the reserve price on an unsold lot subject to a minimum of £1 per lot, and is for loss only.

A lot lost without warranty pays out nothing.


The cost of a probate valuation 

Written probate valuations cost £95 per hour per valuer with a minimum fee of £195 .

The timing includes travel to and from the property, the visit, any research and the report.

The fee is plus VAT

(Most of our valuations take only 2-3 hours for one   valuer. Some take 2-3 days)

The cost of a clearing a house

We clear houses and carry out removals using teams of two men with a van.  They are charged to you at £50 per hour plus VAT timed from the saleroom and back, unloaded.  We will also charge you for parking and congestion fees and fuel where the job is outside London.  Tipping charges are passed on to you at cost. This method is usually more economic than using skips.

These costs are deducted from auction proceeds at the time of accounting to you.