12th NOVEMBER 2009

 The November sale is nearly full already. It’s like the old days. We’ve had lots of calls to homes with interesting contents. One of the loveliest visits I’ve done for a while was to a home in Moor Park. ‘Do you sell tea caddies?’ asked the client. ‘Certainly,’ says I. ‘Well, here are three to take away.’ Each 19th century tortoiseshell. I couldn’t believe it, remembering that I’ve only had perhaps three to sell in thirty years. And they are in lovely condition. I was Continue reading →

24th SEPTEMBER 2009

  AN AUCTION OF ANTIQUES, COLLECTABLES AND GENERAL EFFECTS including British Rail artefacts, a Steinway piano, a huge collection of walking sticks a bottle of ’65 Château d’Yquem, and 3 items of Mouseman ON THURSDAY 24th SEPTEMBER 2009 AT 11AM VIEW: Wednesday 23rd 1-7pm and sale day from 9.30am   I hope you are all refreshed from summer holidays. Having not seen you since our July sale, we are bursting at the seams! Over 100 walking sticks of all shapes and sizes, one made from Continue reading →

24th SEPTEMBER 2009

    Breaking news .……….. we have just received instructions to clear a property near the House of Commons, which revealed a wonderful collection of costume, scents and accessories.  Pics soon!

16th JULY 2009

  ON THURSDAY 16th JULY 2009 AN AUCTION OF ANTIQUES, COLLECTABLES AND GENERAL EFFECTS including a low mileage Honda Accord, the best postcard album I have seen in years and cameras everywhere with not a film between them VIEW: Wednesday 15th, 1–7pm and sale day from 9.30am Cameras, cameras, and more cameras. I’ve never seen so many. Mostly from one estate, they are mainly SLRs and early plate including Pentax, 6 Agiflex, many Exakta models, a Mercury Mk II, model CX half-frame and an Edaxa Continue reading →

4th JUNE 2009

  Auction of Antiques, Collectables and General Effects on Thursday 4th June 2009 at 11am Viewing Wednesday 3rd June 1-7pm and sale day from 9.30am Thanks a lot for attending our April sale. Whilst the furniture was thin on the ground, we did manage to raise £750 for a very stylish Aesthetic movement walnut games table and we got away, at £200, the baby grand that nobody wanted in March! There were of course bargains galore, in fact I reckon I could furnish a 2 bedroom Continue reading →