11 NOVEMBER 2021 Images

In our forthcoming November 11th sale:

From a local family with connections to the Lake District, descendants of Dr Kendall of Coniston, physician and friend to John Ruskin, we have a fascinating collection of watercolours, books, letters and other ephemera relating to Dr Kendall’s relationship with John Ruskin and W G Collingwood.

William Gershon Collingwood, author, artist and antiquary, founded the Lake Artists’ Society in 1904, and worked closely with John Ruskin, as his secretary and then his biographer. We have Dr Kendall’s copies of W G Collingwood’s books on Ruskin and the Lake District, and also a watercolour of Brantwood, John Ruskin’s house in later life, painted by W G Collingwood, showing John Ruskin looking out of the window of his famous turret room and over Coniston Water.

We also have a watercolour of John Ruskin’s friend and correspondent, Miss Susanna Beever, painted by WG Collingwood.

We have further watercolours of the Lake District by W G Collingwood, Alfred Heaton Cooper, H R Wilkinson and others from John Ruskin’s circle, as well as two small Kate Greenaway sketches.

The letters we have are from John Ruskin to Dr Kendall, mostly relating to their shared interest in local geology and discussing samples found in the local area.

We also have in this sale:

Mont Blanc pens including a Herbert von Karajan edition