12 AUGUST 2021 Sale Information

Dear Friends,

Let’s start with some health and safety.  We are viewing this next sale on Wednesday 11th August, and we will request that you wear face masks.  I only need one member of staff to contract Covid and it will close us down.  There will be no public in the sale room during the sale.

It’s that time again and we have another sale for you; this one is on the 12th August starting at 11am with viewing on Wednesday the 11th between noon and 7pm.

It includes a very rare No 1 edition of The Beano Book 1940.

Some sections are better represented than others.  We start, as ever, with a cracking PICTURE SECTION which might stretch to 150 lots.  It includes 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st century PAINTINGS AND PRINTS by artists including Henry Moore, V. Lowenhoff, Paul Dessau, Hayap Jianouski, Kenneth Newton, R. Macgillivray, E. Ventrino, A. de Groote, Jean Marclouis, G.S. Plummer, A.L. Wilkes, Peter de Wint, Stuart Lloyd, Charles Brookes, Anna Butt, C.J. Grips, Copley Fielding, R.G. Coslett, Sir Gerald Kelly, Peter Jacques, K. Kisa, H. Caccia, Jill van Hoorn, H. Rotenberg, Mary Hamilton-Mack, Erica Macdonald, Heather Libson, Scott Brown, Jennifer Carla Percival, Patrick Shaw, Roger Dellar, Andrew King, Charles A. Bool, Ron Bone, C. Grant, Steffans, Clara Burton, Witold Popiel, Marc Chagall, Liz Stewart-Liberty, David Birtwhistle, C. Vreedenburgh, Schad, Herbert George, W.L. Wyllie, Simon Beckett, Henry Enfield, A. Achenbach, Patricia Barat, Edwin F. Try, Ernest Fedarb, and others, also cartoons by Jak, and maps, including of ‘The Dominions of the Czar of Russia Alba’ by William Berry.

SILVER AND PLATE account for 60 or so lots And JEWELLERY is combined with COLLECTABLES in 50 or so lots including 300 pocket watches. The shelves are full and include the usual cocktail of PORCELAIN, POTTERY, GLASS, CLOCKS et al, along with garden ornaments and pots, garden tools and a Qualcast mower, large televisions, white goods, hifi including a large pair of 1950s Tannoy cabinet speakers, and a B&O hi-fi with tall cylindrical speakers in stainless steel.  We also have a pair of B&O speakers in blue mirror glass with a  NAD 5120 deck.

TABLE WARE includes Paragon ‘Michele’, Royal Albert ‘Silver Maple’, ‘Val Dore’, ‘Old Country Roses’, ‘Masquerade’, Royal Doulton ‘Victorian Garden’, ‘Bamboo’, ‘Counterpoint’, Duchess ‘Tranquility’, Royal Tuscan ‘Sovereign’, Coalport ‘Fragrance’, Muse porcelain for Monno, Royal Grafton cabinet cups and saucers, Royal Crown Derby ‘Derby Roses’, extensive Royal Copenhagen, Crown Derby, Grindley and Meissen.

We have SHELVES of crystal and decanters, Lladro, Doulton figures, Satsuma, 13 polished brass blow lamps including a rare petrol version, table lamps, an Apple portable computer, an Eastern birdcage, Goss and other commemorative wares, old hygrometers, old copper pans, a Bretby jardiniere, Danbury Mind labrador figures, Lilliput Lane cottages, an old bar spirits stand/dispenser, Prattware, a Degas bronze ballet dancer and a Preiss bronze fencer.

Good mantel clocks and sets, three antique longcase clocks and a fine barometer by W Aronsberg & Co of Manchester in a carved mount.

BOOKS includes a number of volumes of Folio AND A VERY RARE THE BEANO BOOK NO 1 1940 IN GOOD CONDITION. We also have RECORDS including a large lot of jazz records.

We have a large collection of ‘0’ gauge MODEL TRAINS, including Mamod, LMC and Ace Trains, with locomotives and a LOT of coaches, also old die cast model vehicles including Matchbox and Corgi, with some lovely old Chipperfield Circus model.

There is vintage FASHION including Laura Ashley, and a good Mulberry suitcase in the tree pattern, as well as handbags.

FURNITURE includes at least 4 1950s dining tables and chairs, a good three-piece suite, wall units, wardrobes, Continental inlaid furniture, a large antique double-sided oak coffer.  And there’s more still arriving.

I look forward to seeing you masked up, on Wednesday the 11th . Our catalogue with pictures of each lot will be up on our website this Sunday evening and online bidding can be via UKAuctioneers.com at £3.95, or The Saleroom.com at a lot more.