3rd NOVEMBER 2016 News and Dates for 2017

We are about to lose our manager.  Sadly, William, whom you will have known for 5 years and has managed here for the last two, is leaving us on Friday 4th November to return to work locally to where he lives in Cirencester.  He recently married the lovely Sophie and they are expecting their first child in the spring.

We shall miss him and wish him and Sophie lots of luck and happiness.  Hopefully he might pop back as a peripatetic porter!

The good news is that we shall replace Will by appointing Melanie, known to us all as Mel.  Mel has worked here cataloguing and as a porter for a couple of years now.  She used to run her own saleroom many years ago so she has little to learn.  She takes over on Monday the 7th November.  We are very pleased she has accepted the post.

2017 sale dates are as follows:


SALE DATES 2017                             Accepting Goods

9 February                                          9 January – 25 January

16 March                                             15 February – 1 March

20 April                                                 22 March – 5 April

25 May                                                 26 April – 10 May

29 June                                                 31 May – 14 June

3 August                                              5 July – 19 July

28 September                                   9 August – 6 September

2 November                                       4 October – 18 October

7 December                                       8 November – 22 November