27th SEPTEMBER 2012


On: Thursday 27th September 2012 at 11.00am
View: Wednesday 26th 1-7pm, Sale day from 9.30am

The downside of going on holiday is the pile of work on return! The saleroom is full to the brim of wall and mantel clocks, old boxed microscopes, one by Carl Zeiss Jena No 188717, old radio equipment, cameras, fishing tackle, a modern Evette saxophone, a drum kit, a Kal 5.5 air rifle by Weihrauch with telescopic sight, ref. HW35, a large bronze macaw, stuffed birds incl. a kingfisher, buffalo horns, good wines and spirits incl. Chat. de Ligneres cognac, port incl. Cockburns ’60, Sandeman ’66, Fonseca ’86, Calem ’60, Taylors ’84, Warres ’84, plus whiskies and a case of Recolte 1983 St Julien Grandvin de Leoville.

The shelves are full of PORCELAIN, POTTERY AND GLASS, along with interesting English and foreign antiquities and a large RUG AND CARPET section. A large PICTURE section includes works by or attributed to Guido Agostini, Torrington Bell, Alberto Conti, Henry Holzer, A. Montague, J. Holmes, Thomas Bush Hardy, Grisot, Sydney W. Starling (a Pinner artist), F.E. Foster and James Baynes.

We have a vast amount of COSTUME and real JEWELLERY incl. a Cartier steel gentleman’s wristwatch, as new, pretty Indian silver, and old enamelled and silver button sets in fitted boxes. SILVER & PLATE.

COLLECTABLES includes about 60 Lilliput Lane houses, crocodile skins, good postcards, coins, medals and badges, theatre programmes, fountain pens, stamps, records, an old military hat, minor weapons, BOOKS, and an original 16mm colour film of the Apollo 11 team boarding and take-off.

FURNITURE is full and includes vast reproduction continental colourful dining room and sitting room suites, a marquetry bonheur de jour, good display cabinets, Continental and English, one Edwardian with painted decoration, a baby grand piano, rosewood dining suite, a pair of settees, lots of seat furniture incl. a metal semi-circular garden bench, two chaise longues, a pedestal table, an envelope card table, an antique Indian carved window frame and room divide, other antiques and shipping
goods. GENERAL EFFECTS includes a vast amount of new items still boxed bought by one man incl. water features, awnings, safes, etc. I guess 900 lots! Check out the catalogue from Sunday 23rd September.

(Scroll down the Blog for images of some of the items in the sale).